Preserved Algae

and Stabilized Plants

100% Natural

The algae used are carefully collected without harming the nature and their naturalness is preserved.

100% Recyclable

It does not cause nature pollution.

Maintenance Free

It does not require any additional maintenance such as irrigation and pruning.

Natural Appearance for Many Years

For many years, its appearance remains intact, as it was on the first day.
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What is Preserved moss ?

What are Stabilized Plants?

Moss species and natural plants carefully collected without harming the ecosystem and continuity of nature; By means of organic solutions that do not harm human health, it is transformed into preserved moss and plants that do not change their texture and color for many years.

What is Moss Art?

Moss Art is a design art that brings the peace of green to your indoor living spaces and you can feel the touch of nature with its handcraft and personalized designs.

Moss Art Home
Years of Experience
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Moss Art Home

About Us

Coming with the 2000s and increasing rapidly day by day; Although technological developments, housing and building, and creative architectural works make our lives easier, on the other hand, they affect the ecological balance of nature and green visibly negatively.
We aim to create green spaces that we can afford.
Moss Art Home, which considers meeting your needs and keeping your satisfaction in the first place; We make handmade design moss walls and paintings where you can start the day with shades of green in your home, workplace, office and all interior spaces, and we bring together our valued customers with the energy of nature.
“May the energy of nature be with you”
Moss Art Home

Examples of

Our Moss Wall Works

Moss Art Home

What are the Advantages

Of Moss Wall?

Stabilized mummified plants and mosses that form a moss wall are fire resistant.

moss wall ; It is 100% natural and 100% recyclable.

moss wall ; It absorbs high frequency sounds. It is a natural sound protector.

moss wall ; Pest free

moss wall ; They do not need maintenance such as watering, pruning and sunlight.

moss wall ; It has the ability to absorb bad odors in the environment.

Where Can Moss Wall Be Used?

Our Moss Wall Designs Can Be Used Indoors.


  • Home
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Factory
  • Store
  • Mall
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