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Ball Moss Features

Ball Moss Usage Are

Scientific name: Leucobryum glaucum

Type: Acrocarp

BALL MOSS, which is the indispensable type of moss in our moss wall designs; It occurs in areas that are not very humid under pine trees in nature, and is one of the most drought-resistant algae species. With its tight texture and pillow appearance, moss enriches wall designs.

Ball moss gives the application area a vivid texture and color with a 3D effect. It is used to add texture to the base of the application area. It grows in forest areas at high altitudes and is collected by hand.

Colors are permanenced and protected for many years by using natural glycerin and food dyes.

It does not need any maintenance such as water, sun, pruning, spraying, fertilization. They can maintain their freshness on the first day for many years. It is 100% natural and recyclable. It is fire resistant and fire resistant. It is resistant to glare. It is reliable in Fire Safety.

By increasing the air quality, it provides the absorption of toxins and contributes to our health. Moss cleans substances such as ammonium, acetaldehyde, acetic acid atopy caused by smoke and environmental pollution in the air, and in this respect, it is the best and reliable method in nature.

Since they are anti-static, they do not attract dust. At the same time, they do not contain insects and pathogens, as they do not create nutritional value.