About Us

Moss Art Home

About Us

Coming with the 2000s and increasing rapidly day by day; Although technological developments, housing and building, and creative architectural works make our lives easier, on the other hand, they affect the ecological balance of nature and green visibly negatively.
We aim to create green spaces that we can afford.
Moss Art Home, which considers meeting your needs and keeping your satisfaction in the first place; We make handmade design moss walls and paintings where you can start the day with shades of green in your home, workplace, office and all interior spaces, and we bring together our valued customers with the energy of nature.
“May the energy of nature be with you”


Our Priority

Our first priority is to determine your interior moss wall design needs through mutual dialogue with you, our valued customers, and to obtain happy customers with our moss wall designs that meet your expectations in line with these needs.

More Green

Today; We are living in a process where the balance of nature is rapidly deteriorating thanks to the unavoidable and disproportionate increase in technology and industrialization. We attach importance to the slogan "MORE GREEN" with our moss wall designs in your living spaces to remind you of the energy and peace of nature and the importance of protecting nature.

Professional Experiences

Our company MAÇKA PEYZAJ, which has been operating in outdoor landscape design and projects for more than 10 years, brings the energy of nature that we have experienced together with our expert team to your indoor living spaces as the MOSS ART HOME family.

Custom Designs

We create moss wall designs according to the expectations and needs of our customers and project them together. We offer unique personalized designs for each of our clients.

International Designs

We develop special moss wall designs by considering the usage areas in interior decoration designs to all countries of the world and provide them with cargo or shipping.

Assembly Service

Depending on the demand of our customers in domestic and international projects, we provide installation service of our design moss walls for an additional price.