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Scientific name: Cladonia rangiferina

Reindeer (Lichen) Moss is a type of lichen. Reindeer Moss grows in the Northern Hemisphere in the Taiga and is collected by hand. Its scientific name is Cadonia Stellaris. Cladnonia Stellaris, which is the food source of reindeer in nature in winter; It preserves its vitality, natural structure, color and natural properties for years without any maintenance by embalming and dyeing after it is collected in its natural state.

Lichen algae have high-class sound-absorbing properties, absorbing sound waves from multiple directions.

The reindeer moss, which you feel cottony soft to the touch, immediately makes you realize how natural and lively it is. Thanks to this softness and flexibility, it can be easily transformed into any shape.

Behind its spongy appearance, the most striking feature of our moss wall designs is that they manage to stay upright and moist by relying on each other.

Reinder moss wall
reindeer moss wall
reindeer moss wall
reindeer moss wall